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Group Reservations Identification Program (G.R.I.P

Group Reservations Identification Program (G.R.I.P)

We are pleased to offer G.R.I.P., Hilton's proprietary Group Reservation Identification Program, which automates the process of cross referencing registration lists to identify rooms booked outside of the reserved Room Block. Your final report of consumed rooms will reflect all rooms associated with your Room Block, however credit toward performance damages, complimentary rooms, etc. for rooms booked outside of the reserved Room Block is subject to Hotel's discretion (based on factors including but not limited to the following: variables in rates, occupancy and channel of reservation).

If you request a comparison through G.R.I.P., you will need to electronically provide the first and last names of attendees registered for your Event to the Hotel. Group agrees that Group takes full responsibility for (a) determining whether it is necessary to disclose to Group’s attendees that information is being provided to Hotel by Group or vice versa which may be considered private or confidential, and for making such disclosure, if it is required, and (b) obtaining any necessary permissions from attendees allowing for such exchange of information. After comparing your list to the Hotel’s guest registry, Hotel will advise you of the number of room nights occupied by your attendees reserved outside the official Room Block and the revenue generated by those room nights, which in Hotel’s discretion will be added to your revenue achieved for purposes of determining your obligations under the Sleeping Rooms Performance clause.

If at any time you request Hotel to provide you the names of the guests who reserved rooms outside of the official Room Block, you agree to sign an addendum provided by Hotel relating to the use of G.R.I.P. for your Event.

Your assigned Event Manager will discuss how we can assist you in managing your attendees’ booking behavior so that attendees will reserve rooms within the Room Block.

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